Sunday, December 28, 2014

Even More Painting

I'm more pleased with this one than I was with my last effort. Though I felt like my first attempt at palm trees was super sloppy. I see several ways I can do them better next time. I'm eager to see if I'm right.

I'm still doing music too, I promise.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

More Painting

My most recent effort was a bit of a disaster. I sort of want to purge it from my home with fire, but it's always good to keep bad pieces around so that you can see how much you've improved over time. Still, I keep catching it out of the corner of my eye, making me die a little inside each time I see it. To be fair to myself, it was my first attempt at water or more detailed snow.

Monday, December 1, 2014


I've discovered it's quite hard to be verbose about learning a new instrument and thus I haven't really had much to say on the topic of late. I'm still progressing, still loving it all. Though, as always, I don't feel like I'm improving as fast as I should be. I'm toying around with the idea of learning some viola to go along with the piano. Just to spice it up.

The last year and a half has seen me returning to old loves (music, writing, etc) that I had put aside as the weight of every day adult life took my attention. To add to the ever-growing list, I've delved back into painting. I say "back" but that's not quite accurate. I used to be a fair - if not exceptional - hand at drawing with graphite but for some reason I never really tried painting. I had the itch to try it lately and have done a handful of acrylics in recent weeks. I am currently seeing rapid improvement on each painting as I continue to get used to the feel of the brushes and paints though I know I will inevitably soon hit a plateau and then have to fight tooth and nail for any improvements.  I'm actually sort of looking forward to it.

Painting 1 and 2. Both of which I am hiding in my closet. The right one makes me die a little inside each time I see it.
Painting 3: Birch tree.
Painting 4. Bob Ross has been preparing me my WHOLE life for this painting.
Painting 5: Cherry Blossom Tree. Apparently I like to paint trees.
Painting 6: An attempt at a Monet style water lily.