Monday, December 1, 2014


I've discovered it's quite hard to be verbose about learning a new instrument and thus I haven't really had much to say on the topic of late. I'm still progressing, still loving it all. Though, as always, I don't feel like I'm improving as fast as I should be. I'm toying around with the idea of learning some viola to go along with the piano. Just to spice it up.

The last year and a half has seen me returning to old loves (music, writing, etc) that I had put aside as the weight of every day adult life took my attention. To add to the ever-growing list, I've delved back into painting. I say "back" but that's not quite accurate. I used to be a fair - if not exceptional - hand at drawing with graphite but for some reason I never really tried painting. I had the itch to try it lately and have done a handful of acrylics in recent weeks. I am currently seeing rapid improvement on each painting as I continue to get used to the feel of the brushes and paints though I know I will inevitably soon hit a plateau and then have to fight tooth and nail for any improvements.  I'm actually sort of looking forward to it.

Painting 1 and 2. Both of which I am hiding in my closet. The right one makes me die a little inside each time I see it.
Painting 3: Birch tree.
Painting 4. Bob Ross has been preparing me my WHOLE life for this painting.
Painting 5: Cherry Blossom Tree. Apparently I like to paint trees.
Painting 6: An attempt at a Monet style water lily.

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